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About Schedulla

Schedulla? What that?

Schedulla is an innovative app which takes care of the meetings inside your company. It’s just a few taps on computer, smartphone or tablet to display information about the meeting on a screen in front of the meeting room.

Why Schedulla?

Improve meeting room efficiency by providing visitors and coworkes with a complete information about meeting activities. Save time and money with the most innovative, simple and effective software on market! Download today and check out all benefits for you!



Synchronisation with Google Calendar, Microsoft 365 or Exchange


Update meeting as you like: on computer, mobile device or directly on screen in conference room.


Simple, modern design that can be tailored to your brand.

Quick & Easy

Meeting details immediately update everywhere.


What to say? Managing is now a piece of cake!


Schedulla love it! NFC can be used to authorize changes or confirm meeting.

You’re fed up with stick-ons? Feed them to Schedulla.

Who Needs?



Download and register to receive a free 14-day trial licence key


You can buy Schedulla in the most suitable for You out of three ways of purchase.
You get exactly the same software but it’s up to you how you want to pay for it.

Schedulla every month

15 €

I’m buying subscription

Schedulla forever

149 €

I’m buying for life

Schedulla™ CUSTOM

Do you plan to purchase more licenses?
Send us a message, define your needs and we will contact with you directly with special offer.

I need something special!

Recommended Devices

aOpen eTILE-X

Featured application support. aOpen eTILE-X the commercial-grade tablet with Power over Ethernet (PoE), high viewing angle IPS panel, LED bars and integrated RFID/NFC readers.

More Info


ProDVX the commercial-grade tablet with Power over Ethernet (PoE), high viewing angle IPS panel, LED bars and optional modules such as RFID reader. Schedulla works with ProDVX smoothly and help everyone in everyday business.

More Info

IAdea XDS-1078

IAdea is a perfect solution for Schedulla touch Signboard for Retail and Conference Room. Tempered glass, Vesa mounting, zero gap with wall is part of features.

More Info

Qbic TD-1050

Featured application support. Unique, because of built-in NFC which can be used for users authorisation. Qbic have also unique LED Lights to show easily the room availability status.

More Info
Accidents happen. Schedulla just makes sure they don’t happen here.



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