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About Schedulla

What actually Schedulla is?

Schedulla is an innovative app which takes care of the meetings inside your building. It’s just a few taps on a smartphone or a tablet to display basic info about the meeting on a screen by the meeting room door and to invite your coworkers to it. Let's not forget about esthetics - you can adjust the look of Schedulla to your company's image! Do you fix your schedule using Google Calendar or MS Exchange? Synchronize them with Schedulla!

High utility, good price plus a lot of time saved. Simple and effective? We bet it is!"


Change, plan, manage

The meeting has been prolonged, or maybe you want to cut it short? You’ll get everything done with a single touch.

Don’t think, act!

A day to day meeting? Thanks to the intelligent system you have full access to the availability of conference rooms in your company at all times. (Feature works only with Schedulla CMS Calendar)

We synchronize for your convenience

Do You use Google Calendar? Or maybe you prefer Microsoft Office 365? Schedulla will always follow You!

Full mobility!

You’re constantly on the move and you need solutions that will keep up with you? Use your smartphone to change the schedule and the info displayed on tablets by the meeting room door.(Feature works only with Schedulla CMS Calendar)

The looks isn’t all…

but the company’s image counts. Configure the looks of Schedulla according to your taste.

It’s really simple

When you see a complicated interface your hair curl. Schedulla will take care of your hairstyle thanks to the intuitive operating system and clear menu.

Whenever someone’s trying to take your conference room, Schedulla shouts: „Taken!”.




Download and register to receive a free 14-day trial licence key


You can buy Schedulla in the most suitable for You out of three ways of purchase.
You get exactly the same software but it’s up to you how you want to pay for it.

Schedulla every month

15 €


  • free updates - you’re always using the latest version of the program
  • access to the best app supporting the planning of meetings
  • flexible plan of monthly fees - you need it = you buy it

I’m buying subscription

Schedulla forever

149 €

Suggested retail price.

  • constant access to the best app supporting the planning of meetings
  • the ability to entirely customize the displayed content
  • it’s best if you organize a large number of meetings

I’m buying for life

I’m buying from a distributor

Schedulla™ CUSTOM

You want to do something special?
Send us a message, define your needs and we’ll personalize Schedulla to exactly meet your requirements. It’s so simple!

I need something special!


Waiting by the elevator to „accidently” run into your friend? With Schedulla you can run into him wherever you want.



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